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Zoom Mani $22

Includes shape, buff, light cuticle care, massage & Natural polish

Zoom Mani Gel $36

Includes shape, buff, light cuticle care, massage &   Gel polish

Coming Soon! Zoom Mani Polygel $46

Includes Gelish Polygel extension application, massage & Natural polish (+$10 for Gel polish) 

a healthier, lighter alternative to acrylics (odor free!) - balances available for $26 (includes Natural polish)

Coming Soon! Zoom Mani Flash Gel-X $36

Includes Flash Gel-X nail extension application, massage & Natural Polish (+$10 for Gel polish)

a gel tip system intended for special occasions or to allow natural nail growth (odor free!) - lasts 2-3 weeks

Art on 2 Nails +$6

Art on 10 Nails +$12

Mani No Polish $15

Polish Change $14

Gel Polish Change $22

Kid's Polish Change $12

Gel Removal $10

Gel Removal with Service +$5

Polygel Balance $26

Deep Conditioning Gloves +$5

Luminary Gel Overlay +$5